Center for High-Throughput Functional Annotation of Natural Products
Technology Demonstration Projects

As a component of the Center for High-Throughput Functional Annotation of Natural Products we will make the technology platforms available to the scientific community for evaluation of botanicals and natural products to generate hypotheses about mechanism of action.

We are interested in probing the functional annotation of pure compounds, enriched fractions and crude extracts. For those that are interested in synergistic interactions we are interested in having case-studies with defined chemical entities.

For those with botanicals or natural products they would like evaluated in the FUSION or Cytological Profiling platforms, fill out the Project Submission Form and submit it HERE. For further information on material transfer agreements and data ownership please contact us HERE.

We will typically need 50 μL of a 10 mg/mL solution to carry out analysis on all of the platforms.

UT Southwestern Medical CenterSimon Fraser UniversityUniversity of California, Santa Cruz